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Gender: male
Name: Vigilant Möth
Country: USA
Info: Like Shrek, I´ve got a lot of layers. You´re as likely to catch me reading a book about quantum physics or astrophysics as you are to catch me watching cartoons.

I was raised catholic but I really made a lousy Christian(I think too much) so I´ve pretty much adopted a sort of Taoism/Buddhism sort of a hybridized philosophical buffet. The reasoning is that they don´t exclude newer logics like evolution and the earth being round and revolving around the sun. Also, in 2500 years no one has ever killed anyone in the name of "Buddha". It would be tantamount to murder in the name of Sigmund Freud or Friedrich Nietzsche or Socrates which would just be silly.

I´ll take sailing over powerboating, riding a bike over driving a car, a campground over a hotel and a PC over a Mac. But then I am a programmer by profession.

Divorced and not looking. I´ve only got room for one needy female in my life and she´s my little girl. Think: "Once bitten, twice shy."

Man has not evolved an inch from the slime that spawned him.
In action how like an angel. in apprehension how like a god.
Truth is found exactly in the middle, between two extremes.