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                 04/25/2014 05:53 AM  
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Yosemite Park: Climber Falls 30 Feet
Kansas: Prosecutor Seeking Death Penalty Against Man Charged in Murder of Four People
New Jersey Man Steals Woman´s Dog and TV on First Date
Man Who Shot Wife While She Was on the Phone With 911 Ate Pot-Infused Candy
Man Finds 6.19 Carat Diamond in Crater of Diamonds State Park
Squirrel Blamed for $300,000 Damage to Community Center
Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Golf Course
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11:23 AM
World´s Dirtiest Man Hasn´t Bathed in 60 Years edie 1.061
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
06:51 PM
6.3 Magnitude Quake Strikes Iran edie 729
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
05:03 PM
Muslim Girls Beat Up Cleric Allanthar 2.239
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
06:20 PM
Iran Court Sentences U.S. Man to Death for Spying estrella242 1.005
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
12:39 PM
Denying Access to Strait of Hormuz Used by Tehran to Counteract Nuclear Sanctions Tipster 1.357
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
04:12 PM
Israel to Attack Iran by Fall, Says CIA Agent Devil Duck 3.003
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
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04/24/2014 08:55 AM
maricelclint receives 100 Points for News Submission of 'Westhill Consulting Travel And Tours Guide: Experience Spa In Jakarta'
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