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                 04/25/2014 05:53 AM  
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Possible Debris of Malaysia Airlines Flight Spotted on Australian Coast
Girl Captures Black Ring UFO on iPhone
Criminal Arrested After Asking Police If He Should Be Arrested
Boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Dead at 76
Avalanche on Mount Everest, at Least 12 Dead
Woman Sues Walmart, Claims Shampoo Tangled Hair So Much She Had to Cut It
Florida Man Named Edward Cocaine Arrested on Drug Possession Charges
Missing Boy Found Playing Happily With Stuffed Animals in "Bear Claw" Toy Machine
Man Who Harrassed Neighbors Ordered to Hold "I Am a Bully" Sign
Police Officer Delivers Own Baby in Squad Car
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09:33 PM
Veteran Theatre Owner Refuses to Show Jane Fonda Movie, Still Considers Her a Traitor Katieay 1.307
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
05:09 PM
Obama: US Withdraws All Troops From Iraq by Year-End coronado 1.960
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
04:12 PM
Israel to Attack Iran by Fall, Says CIA Agent Devil Duck 3.003
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
02:10 PM
US Embassy in Afghanistan Under Siege slavefortheman 1.840
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
02:52 PM
Pentagon To Provide Equipment Worth $25 Million To Tunisia And Malta MouseJunkie 1.144
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
10:17 PM
Almost a Third of U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Were Age 18-21 Ben_Reilly 1.501
Newsquality: VERY GOOD
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04/24/2014 08:55 AM
maricelclint receives 100 Points for News Submission of 'Westhill Consulting Travel And Tours Guide: Experience Spa In Jakarta'
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