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                 04/24/2014 02:41 AM  
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08/28/2012 05:14 PM ID: 92463 Permalink   

Ford to Launch Luxury Brand Lincoln in China in 2014


Ford Motor Co. confirmed plans to launch its luxury brand Lincoln in China within two years.

Ford announced this unexpectedly as it made clear earlier that it wants to to re-establish the brand´s reputation in the U.S. before expanding to other countries.

The automaker also said it will introduce seven new Lincolns in the next three years.

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Toyota´s run good = Lexus´s run good.
Nissan´s run good = Infinity´s run good.
Honda´s run good = Acura´s run good.

Ford´s don´t run = Lincoln´s don´t run.

Not saying I like it, ... it´s just that historically speaking, ... lincolns have not been best known for long term reliability.. (Especially in the late 80´s to early 90´s...)
  by: jeffillinois   08/29/2012 06:20 PM     
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