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                 04/20/2014 05:51 PM  
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08/15/2012 07:28 PM ID: 92412 Permalink   

Man Brings Gun to Movie Theater and Accidentally Shoots Himself


According to police in Sparks, Nevada, a man accidentally shot himself in the buttocks at a showing of "The Bourne Legacy". The gun suddenly fell from his pocket and went off.

"The subject got up, apologized, and exited the theater prior to police arrival. The subject was later located at a hospital in Reno with a through-and through-gunshot wound to his buttocks," the police report said.

Of the 30 people in the movie theater only 5 said they heard the gun go off. No other injuries were reported.

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  Too bad..  
He didnĀ“t have a through-n-through shot to his head...
  by: Allanthar     08/20/2012 10:56 PM     
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