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                 04/23/2014 09:10 PM  
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08/13/2012 01:42 AM ID: 92402 Permalink   

Police Admit to Failure - 12-Year-Old Tia’s Body Found at Grandmothers Home on Fourth Search


Tia lived with her parents but made regular visits to her grandmother and her boyfriend’s, Stuart Hazell-37, home. On the August 3rd August Tia was reported as missing.

Neighbor Paul Meehan, who is married with two children, had claimed to have seen Tia walking down the street on the day of her disappearance; completely throwing the police off track.

On the last search of the grandmother’s home on Friday, police sniffer dogs were brought into the property and subsequently found a body. Mr. Hazell has been charged with murder.

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Retired Met detective John O’Connor said: ‘I find it simply staggering that it took more than a week to find a body which was right under their noses, and even more unbelievable that the man who ought to have been their prime suspect was not placed under surveillance and allowed to go missing for several hours before the police were forced to issue a panicked appeal for him to come forward.’
  by: captainJane     08/13/2012 01:48 AM     
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