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                 04/24/2014 10:44 PM  
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08/12/2012 11:03 PM ID: 92400 Permalink   

UK Food Shortage Disgrace


Food, energy and child care costs are rising beyond many families’ capabilities and surviving is proving to be nigh on impossible according to ITV “Tonight Show". It has been estimated that 4 million people are underfed.

One case of working mother Nadine, whose husband is in military training, feeds her children and has very little to eat herself. She was saved by waste campaigner “Tristram Stuart, and a Christian charity called the “Trussell Trust”.

Trussell has established food banks, which have been supplying three days of food to the needy. Another idea to beat poverty was hatched four years ago in Todmorden, Yorkshire, Incredible Edible grows fruit, herbs and veggies in public areas.

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idea to use public land to grow food, watch some idiots spoil it. To think that because of greed in another form, people are going hungry. What year is it again?
  by: manicfoot   08/13/2012 02:11 PM     
  It has been working well for for years.  
in one area of the UK. Given time maybe it can be done right around the country.

Hopefully this information can spread worldwide. It is a great idea!
  by: captainJane     08/13/2012 02:17 PM     
Big business screw it up somehow.

Until the old ways are returned to (grow your own/kill your own/ cook your own) the populace will continue to be dependent on factory farms and multinationals telling us what we will eat, and how much it will cost us. Start small, a pot with a tomato bush or a tray with continuously harvestable lettuce crop and share with a neighbour who is growing something else. Only by working together will real independence be attainable.
  by: stretchman     08/13/2012 04:57 PM     
Well I´m Pretty much against the Big corporations, the fact is no society can support the population that most of the world have now without advanced industrized farming.

While I fully agree that the Greed of Multinationals is unacceptable the Idea that we could return to subistance farming (let alone hunting) is ridiculous there are simply too many people and the planet is too devestated already without every person trying to hunt every last living thing for food. And your neighbour can probably only grow similar food to you, in western nations we are used to a large variety made available through extensive logistics networks, meaning alot of us eat food that we would struggle to grow in our home region.
  by: veya_victaous     08/15/2012 12:47 AM     
  G´day Veya  
Of course there would be challenges. Living in Australia we have water issues but we can definitely move towards food independence. It wasn´t that long ago that people were growing the bulk of food themselves.

The multinationals have made us lazy and dependent on them. Our lifestyles have changed to accommodate them to the point where they tell us what we want.Go into Coles and Woolies and the fruits and vegies aren´t usually too much different to what we can grow in a home plot, they are just able to supply out of season produce. Check out the Digger´s Club to see what could be grown. There are always going to be some crops that would still be grown by farmers (and always have been) but we are able to do so much more for ourselves.

BTW, the kill it yourself I was thinking of was growing small livestock in the backyard to supplement our diets. I believe this would actually decrease the pressures on the environment because the backyard grown produce would work within a natural cycle and not isolated from it.
  by: stretchman     08/15/2012 01:44 AM     
the multinationals have made it all too easy and they are making so much money from selling their additive filled junk.
If more people were to grow their own, i´m sure these big companies would come up with scare stories, backed up by the politicians they have on their ´unofficial´ payroll.
  by: manicfoot   08/15/2012 06:31 PM     
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