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                 04/17/2014 12:15 AM  
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08/08/2012 11:47 AM ID: 92390 Permalink   

Hilarious Kristen Stewart Lookalike Explains Why The Actress Cheated on Pattinson


A comedienne who resembles Kristen Stewart is offering reasons for the actress´ affair in a new YouTube video. The 41/2-minute clip has currently more than 800,000 views.

"Hi Rob, it´s me, KStew. I want to explain what I did. You know, the whole having sex with my director thingy. I´m putting this video on YouTube because I want just you to see it," Laura McDonald says in the video.

"Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had been dating for five years before Stewart´s affair with director Rupert Sanders became public.

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