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                 04/19/2014 08:53 AM  
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08/05/2012 11:18 PM ID: 92368 Permalink   

Shootout in Sikh Temple Leaves 7 People Dead


A shoo out began at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek in the state of Wisconsin, police officers believe that the perpetrator (or perpetrators) to be white and male but cannot confirm if there are any more gunman remaining inside the temple.

According to law enforcement an officer is in hospital after being shot several times, with at least two other people wounded. Emergency services received numerous calls at 10:25 am and police were dispatched.

Police believe that the ‘shooter’ has been shot by marksmen and could now be dead, however Chief Wentlandt of Greenfield police erred on the side of caution saying it is the "best information we have now - it may change".

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More senseless gun violence. Guns beget lunatics.
  by: Lurker     08/05/2012 11:47 PM     
  Gun´s are fast becoming...  
far more available and are muc easier to obtain throughout the world. They should be something more useful, turn them into beer cans or something

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     08/05/2012 11:59 PM     
you just hate it, when you drop a letter out of a word.

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     08/06/2012 12:02 AM     
vet gone mad! Why aren´t these people helped after they have completed their military service?
  by: captainJane     08/07/2012 12:12 AM     
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