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                 04/16/2014 09:14 AM  
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07/31/2012 01:34 PM ID: 92351 Permalink   

Madonna Booed at Paris Concert, Blames It on "a Few Thugs"


Superstar Madonna downplayed media reports of boos from the audience at her concert at Paris´ Olympia club.

Some people in the audience demanded a refund because she performed for just 45 minutes but Madonna thinks it wasn´t the fans who booed her but "a few thugs who (...) rushed the stage and started to throw plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans".

In the official statement she also said that "The press reports have focused on this and not the joyous aspect of the evening. But nothing can take away or ruin this very special evening for me and my fans."

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  Title - "a Few Thungs"?  
Aren´t you admins checking summaries for misspellings anymore? It makes the home page look terrible with these bad headlines all over the place. We old volunteer admins kept it professional. Just saying.
  by: Lurker     07/31/2012 07:45 PM     
needs to hang up the mic and retire.
  by: shrtnews   08/02/2012 02:35 PM     
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