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                 04/19/2014 01:16 AM  
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07/31/2012 01:04 PM ID: 92350 Permalink   

2012 Olympics: Swimmer Missy Franklin Dedicates Her Olympic Races to Colorado


Missy Franklin, the 17-year-old swimmer, who brought home the gold medal in the women´s 100m backstroke Monday, said she is dedicating all her Olympic races to Colorado, her home state.

"Every single race I´m going to have that Colorado incident back on my mind. It´s such a terrible thing and I´m so shaken by it. They´re in my thoughts this entire process," said Franklin.

At the time of the shooting she was training for the Olympics in France. One of her friends attended a premiere of the Batman movie that night but "thankfully he was not at that theater", she revealed.

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