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                 04/18/2014 10:52 AM  
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07/25/2012 10:58 AM ID: 92323 Permalink   

Wal-Mart Resists Credit Card Fees Settlement With Visa, MasterCard


Wal-Mart Stores Inc. became the lastest retailer to reject a proposed $6 billion antitrust settlement with Visa and MasterCard over credit card fees.

"As Walmart continues to seek reform that will provide transparency and true competition among financial institutions, we encourage all merchants to put consumers first and reject the settlement," the world´s largest retailer said in a statement.

The settlement between retailers and Visa and MasterCard claims that the two credit card companies conspired with major banks to fix swipe fees. The deal would allow stores to start charging fees to customers who pay with those credit cards.

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  This sounds funny..  
"Hmm.. You caught us trying to do something illegal and now try to blackmail us for doing so by offering a huge settlement. Congrats. Too bad we´re not going to pay it!"
  by: Allanthar     07/25/2012 02:32 PM     
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