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                 04/21/2014 11:36 AM  
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07/16/2012 05:23 PM ID: 92281 Permalink   

Crisis-Struck Athens Tough Choice for Visitors


Over 2 years ago, Athens has suffered from the debt crisis and unstoppable reports show marked gangs throwing petrol bombs at Parliament or police with tear gas dousing demonstrations.

Between 20 and 40 percent of tourist arrivals to the city are down, so staying away is a must. Including the National Archaeological Museum holding great antique treasures, now rundown buildings by bad graffiti and drug addicts line nearby street.

Despite the crisis confidence, Kappou, a 43-yead-old translator speaking 5 languages, volunteers as a guide for This Is My Athens, believes her city still has surprises through the details.

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Something is different from my friendĀ“s writing to me. Wish to be there, but stuck .
  by: dungdoant   07/16/2012 05:30 PM     
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