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                 04/25/2014 04:05 AM  
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07/11/2012 11:35 AM ID: 92268 Permalink   

Man Sues Strip Club Over $50,000 Credit Card Bill


A Florida man is suing a Clearwater strip club after he was charged $50,000 for one night at the club.

Lokesh Simon James, 32 was in shock and explained he spent "only" $600 on dances, tips and drinks. "How many dances would it take before you run up $50,000 at $20 a dance? Do the math," his laywer said.

Officials at the strip club declined to comment.

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Yeah, I´m going to call fraud on this one. Unless the man was paying for EVERYONES drinks, tips and dances, there is no way. We´ve (my friends and myself) been to strip clubs for bachelor parties etc and between like 5 of us, a whole LOT of sluts and drinks, we only cleared about $3,000 in a single night.
  by: kristmen   07/11/2012 02:09 PM     
what were the chances that a man had 50,000+ credit limit but was to dumb to notice that lets hope this was a $500.00 charge attempt done by a moron.
  by: dcmike34   07/11/2012 03:53 PM     
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