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                 04/21/2014 11:37 AM  
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07/10/2012 07:37 PM ID: 92266 Permalink   

Sweeteners May Help People Control Body Weight


Substituting other sweeteners for added sugars in beverages and other foods could have beneficial effects. Reseachers in the U.S. found that artificial sweeteners can help people lose excess body weight.

Aspartame, acesulfame-K, neotame, saccharin, sucralose and plant-derived stevia can also help diabetics control their blood sugar.

"While they are not magic bullets, smart use of non-nutritive sweeteners could help you reduce added sugars in your diet, therefore lowering the number of calories you eat," Christopher Gardner, associate professor of medicine says.

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they already make sugar free soft drinks. People won´t buy them. They want to be obese.
  by: Lurker     07/11/2012 04:25 AM     
this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what some experts are saying! Others have been saying the body reacts to artificial sweeteners as if they are sugar! How about you guys figure it out and get back to us?
  by: gryphon50a   07/11/2012 06:29 AM     
  two edged sword  
Most of those sweeteners also increase your appetite so it is a two edged sword.
  by: mbartnz   07/12/2012 12:36 PM     
The body certainly DOES NOT react to artificial sweeteners as if they were sugar. There is no evidence to support that claim.
  by: ub3rTristan   07/12/2012 01:45 PM     
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