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                 04/16/2014 05:59 PM  
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07/07/2012 09:25 AM ID: 92256 Permalink   

Unemployment Rate Stays at 8.2 Percent in June


The U.S. unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2 percent in June as the nation´s payroll added only 80,000 jobs.

The private sector expanded by 84,000 jobs and the government reportedly cut 4,000. "These are very weak recovery numbers," economist Jim O´Sullivan says.

A record 5.4 million people in the U.S. have been jobless for at least six months, official figures show.

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  How the Government Measures Unemployment  
  by: Lurker     07/07/2012 04:39 PM     
So in otherwords.. unemployment went up.
  by: velger   07/10/2012 10:53 AM     
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