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                 04/20/2014 12:54 PM  
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07/03/2012 04:19 PM ID: 92237 Permalink   

50 Percent Higher Suicide Rate in Women With Exposure to a Cat Box


The University of Maryland School of Medicine has released a study showing a very strong correlation between women who attempt suicide and exposure to T. gondii.
Toxoplasma gondii infection results from exposure to a common parasite from cat litter.

The study from the new "Archives of General Psychiatry" shows a link between the immune system and suicide attempts.

Re-analysing data from 45 thousand woman in Denmark between 1992 and 1995 reveals a correlation between T. gondii and suicides.

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Proof that cat ladies ARE crazy.
  by: DarkWave     07/04/2012 07:53 PM     
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