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                 04/18/2014 10:53 AM  
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06/29/2012 02:57 PM ID: 92205 Permalink   

Senate Passes Bill to Ban Bath Salts


A federal bill banning dangerous drugs such as bath salts has been passed by the U.S. Senate Thursday.

The "killer chemical components" are synthetic marijuana, bath salts and synthetic hallucinogens. The Senate bill is likely to be signed into law by President Obama.

"We have seen bath salts catalyze some of the most heinous crimes in recent months and President Obama´s signature will ensure that the federal government can fight this across state lines and at our borders," says Sen. Charles Schumer.

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  Bath Salts Information  
  by: Lurker     06/29/2012 06:43 PM     
i would like to start of with the disclosure that i have never tried psychoactive bath salts, but i am assuming i can understand why the end user consumes them. now that these laws are being passed, maybe the same lawmakers will revise the policies that drove manufacturers to produce poison in efforts to meet a public desire. maybe complete opposition wasn´t the answer?? perhaps regulation of tried/true "safe" recreational compounds by consenting adults would prove a more pleasant alternative than hoards of temporarily non-illicit compounds streaming across international borders. if consenting adults can purchase toxic amounts of alcohol for less than 20 us dollars why can´t those same consenting adults carry some sort of card that controls the regulation/distribution of mdma? i´m not saying let´s completely rethink any truly addictive compounds here, ie. heroin, cocaine, but these manufactured research chemicals are being used by individuals looking for the results found by use of one man made pharmaceutical and one family of naturally occurring plants. limiting adult use by allowing only one use per month or x mg per month would be a functional system. true that many people like to bump the system, and could purchase second hand, but are we not seeing this same trend in regulated, prescribed pharmaceuticals? people are going to do what the hell they want regardless of the government´s intervention and opposition. it´s time that the government stop meddling around with the personal affairs of consenting adults to prevent the horrific instances that have become almost too frequent from the manufacturing of untested research chemicals. consenting adults shouldn´t have to visit a "physician" simply because they are looking for an alternative to the mundane. there are better alternatives to lexapro, xanax, paxil, celexa, prozac, buspar..........

[ edited by chadatcondonethis ]
  by: chadatcondonethis   06/29/2012 06:49 PM     
  Schumer Again  
The man loves to pass tyrannical laws. He might as well force everyone to wear shock collars, and wear muzzle guards. As to drugs, we used to have safer quantities of amphetamines sold in drug stores. We once had opiate liquors, cocaine elixirs, and cannabis syrups sold in drugstores. The quantities were in controlled pharmaceutical grade amounts. Yes, there will be addiction problems, but these problems are far easier to deal with at $10 a bottle than $100 per street baggie. You had to be an adult to buy it, and that solved most of the problem of children getting access to it. So let´s legalize drugs for the children.
  by: artfuldodger   06/30/2012 06:00 AM     
One would ask, ´why does a sane human feel the need to take poisonous drugs?´ Get a real life and just get high on living - not on mind destroying illicit drugs. Grow up and be an adult. You are destroying what miserable life you have made of yourself.
  by: Lurker     07/01/2012 08:20 PM     
amazing never ceases to amaze me how much people THINK they beleieve in freedom untile some actually tries being free.

btw, they already proved bath salt weren?t responsible (atleast in miami-dade county) and weren?t even in the persons system... its all over the news search "bath salts not linked". and banning synthetic marijuana (or marijuana itself) just shows how assinine drug law is... and frankly alwasy was... in its 99 year history; since the harrison act in 1913 (which exists for the sole purpose of increasing factory production, because most people would rather have fun than live a slaves existence...

most all crimes associated with drugs are the result of prohibition... not usage; barring overdose... and if that was the case alcohol, cigarettes, and nearly all prescription mediaition would be illegal too... not to mention car and factory pollution...

its ALWAYS been about oppressing people and Joesph Geobbels?ing (progandizing them) into believing that its somehow a good thing to restrict freedom (barring at the harm of another; at which point they should be held responsible for their actions... not your beleifs).

this is the secular version of theocracy on display... nothing less than unadulterated propaganda... nothing more than another nail in the coffin of freedom.

how much longer tilll the peasants (thats the proper legal term for people... no joke; look up dead peasants insurance) revolt?

and BTW lurker, if you think drugs are bad. (and typically overuse is).. throw out all that nice music (rock, metal, punk, rap [not my bag but whatever], hell even that pop stuff), and those movies with killer visual effects... stop listening/watching comedy (esspecially stand-up comedy), or hell even paintings (esspecially abstract), poetry (i can atest to that one) because most of the people involved in those are REAL high on drugs... or have been at some point... its not coincidence either, its no joke... drugs HAVE enhanced your life... even if you?ve never used them.

ergo, you really shouldn?t harp on things you?ve obviously not thought about (or researched the history thereof) enough to come to a logical conclusion... and that is some people obviously want more (or atleast something different) out of life than you... and should we really be oppressed because spome people would rather live in a smaller box/bubble (more oppressive worldview) than us.... i think not.

wake up, lurker
the matrix has you...
*knock* *knock.*

(the matrix is prime example of social control, ergo the above) how long untile the peasant revolt? (seriously, thats the legal term for us... peasants; IE dead peasants insurance... feel free to look it up... sadly like much like 97% o this post is not a joke in the slighest (the joke part was obviously the matrix parody.. the rest, sadly is more serious than cancer).

[ edited by FreedomOrRevolution ]
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/01/2012 09:24 PM     
Anyone who "needs" recreational drugs is a weak pathetic human being.

[ edited by Lurker ]
  by: Lurker     07/01/2012 10:01 PM     
one could argue the same about people who feel the need to control the lives of others.. or peop;le who hold religious beleif... or people that are apparently afraid or unwilling to experience the variety of life...

but i get it a bland vanilla life works for some people...
acting like an authoritarian nazi works for some people...

but neither works for me and people like you have no more right to force your lifestyle on others than we have to force you to partake in our lifestyles.... or would you perfer would you prefer everyone disregardless civilized behaviour and just have everyone force their lifesytle down your throat and call you a pathetic human being if you don´t except theitr lifestyle...

seems to me the small minded people are the truelly pathetic people.. and the funniest thing (or saddest depending on your philosphical bend) is that they don´t even see the irony of calling other people pathetic.

just be happy with your bland vanilla life and let us be happy with our lives... frankly for most of us... people like you are a bigger problem than ANY drug... or for that matter drug user... frankly i´d rather deal with the insanity of a crackhead than than the small mindedness of a bigot (irregardless of what form of bigotry it is).

isn´t it "pathetic" when the pothead is the adult in the

just something to think about.
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/01/2012 10:20 PM     
What are you 10 years old? You have the maturity of a 2 year old. Go ahead keep preaching the ´rights´ to kill yourself. I don´t care. But when you start breaking into houses and robbing convenience stores to support your "right to use" habit I hope some responsible adult blows your brains out.
  by: Lurker     07/01/2012 10:38 PM     
when did i even say people should ever harm other for their drug use... NEVER.


i have never in 11 years of usage ever stolen or harmed anyone to get, use or as the result of using drugs (nor am i in the minority in this respect)..

nor would i ever advocate that... as that goes AGANIST the freedom and reasonable security of other people.

don?t think for a second you know anyhting about me or most drug users... most of us work damn hard for what we got... and because tyranny of drug laws have to fight ALOT harder, just to keep what we?ve worked our asses off to get.

remove your head from your rectum and you might get a better view of the world...

and FYI, drug users don?t love animals any less...

and crazy people, well sometimes they go crazy... thats a fact of life; unfotunate as it is... drugs have little to do with crazy behavior in general.

and also unless this is happening to ATLEAST 5% o users theres not is a medically provable correlation, much less causation.... something they REFUSE to even say because that would destroy the effectiveness of their propaganda.

funny you accuse me of being so young when you can?t form a rational arguement like any non-mentally handicapped adult should be about to... BTW, i?m 26

and BTW I KNOW you?re over 10 (hell i was probably on here 10 years ago)... so you really ought to act your age... or atleast like a person whose reached the "age of majority".

if you can (or dare)... i await a rational arguement.... until then can you atleast pretend to be older than your shoe-size, and treat people with atleast a monicum of respect... come-on you?ve been a web reporter for YEARS... surely you can come up with something better than "drug users are pathetic human beings" or anything akin to that mindless- bigotted drivel.

and again, if you really think that lowly of drugs and the people who use them please stop enriching your life with with things drugs have influenced or otherwise enhanced (oh and you can add video games to that list too)... otherwise your just another hypocrite, railing against things you don?t even understand.

no-one ever said there wasn?t a down side to drugs... frankly, theres a downside to virtually ANYTHING... esspecially anything in excess which is the real issue with drug use... not the drug itself... but i supposed one must have a certianly level of intelligence, awarness and perhaps life-experience to be able to differentiate between these things... then again it takes an intelligent mind just to entertain a thought without accepting it.

think more... react less... and try to be civilized; its not that hard... nor unreasonable at all.

[ edited by FreedomOrRevolution ]
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/01/2012 11:19 PM     
More CEOs are theivies than Drug user are theivies. More CEOs and Politicans steal 100 or 1000 times the value of what those drug takers that are theivies can steal.

And As the World was conquered by Alcholics and Opium users if you know anything about history you know being in toxicated definiately is not a problem.

I´m Pretty sure if you took a list of all the revolutionary people all the way back to Alexander the great, most are constantly getting wasted. (Alexander was a renowned Alcholic) Half the Indurstial Age explorers etc didn´t go anywhere with out their ´snuff´ tins because they were Coke heads.

Infact No one care about getting wasted until it effected a powerful US cotton grower that was losing money because he had to free his slaves and those damn Mexicans were so much more efficent at growing hemp.
  by: veya_victaous     07/02/2012 05:59 AM     
  no toll to pay  
i am pretty sure lurker is right about this, no individual can safely use research chemicals. blindly consuming anything is dangerous and foolish, at par with sleeping with a prostitute without a rubber. given the rescheduling of traditional pre-2004, pre-hive substances and we might be on to something. perhaps governments should contract shulgin to consult for reorganization of drug law while he´s still around, 87yrs and still kicking it.

[ edited by chadatcondonethis ]
  by: chadatcondonethis   07/04/2012 05:49 PM     
90% of crime against innocent citizens is cause by drugs.
  by: Lurker     07/04/2012 07:42 PM     
i´m not defending the use of bath salt (or any "research" or deisgner), i´m defending personal freedom and responsibility... something apparently some people are very uncomfortable with.

can´t have people be free, otherwise they might think they can excerise free choice... and have a responsible society... thats too much too ask for...

well excuse me if i don´t lump myself in with the mindless, ignorant masses of inhumanity that arrogantly thinks itself civilized.
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/05/2012 12:22 AM     
you are either grossly ignorant on the subject, or have only met bad example of drug users (which are frankly the extreme minority; 5-10%), or (and hopefully the least likely) simply aren´t intelligent enough to be having this conversation.

most drug uses are not criminals in any respect other than their drug use, which is actually constitutionally protected... and would be protected in reality, if not for activist judges, and the fact the the US prison system (the reason for modern drug law) is a business and is run as such, and not for the benefit of society; as the prison system is SUPPOSED to operate.

after you remove "use", "possession", "trafficking" and "cultivation" (and possibly self-defense against the police [in many cases wannabe nazi´s], which i advocate is applicable situations, IE drug raids or other trumped up charges, if they act like criminal people should defend themselves from them as they would criminals) which are all authoritarian crimes and not constitutionally valid laws and are technically (to quote the canadian constitution) "are of no force and effect"; despite the fact that people are still persecuted by the THOUSANDS a day for it, and in most cases nothing more than use and/or aquisition.

and until there is reasonible and responsible drug policy unfortunately that leaves drug regulation (or the lack thereof) to the black market, which include very unsavory groups and eventually lead to what is happening in mexico... which is ultimately the fault of the US government for not regulating marijuana responsibly and thusly handing near full control of the drug market, to people whom frankly most people wouldn´t trust in their own homes.

and lets put this in a practicle framework... why would you want to deprive yourself (much less anyone else) of your right to explore the human (life) experience... even if you have no actual desire to do it yourself.... frankly talking to you makes me feel like edgar friendly in the movie demolition man...

and frankly in general the amount of people that are ignorant, stupid, irresponsible, authoritarian and a whole slew of other negative traits that apply, or atleast seem to apply to people, leave me (and presummably other people) feeling like and alien amongst my own species... i don´t understand how ANYONE would think forfeiture of their rights, freedom and ultimately security, could ever ultimately be a good idea.

and again hate to have to point out what is obvious (or atleast should be) and that is prohibition cause MANY times more crime than drug use actually does, even in its current virtually completely unregulated state with next to no quality/safety controls.

FYI... most crime is actually caused as a result of poverty (IE, stealing to get by, which as unpleasant as it is in understandable; very little, if anything is more important than survival, not even the almighty corporate profit margin) or greed (most often this is caused my rich people, and more often thatn not is legalized, despite that if you or I did it we´d be in jail for it) ... neither of which has anything to do with drug users by-and-large.

now i don´t know if you simply don´t know what your talking about (ignorance; which frankly is natural/normal for those without applicible life experience), if your just extremely biased (maybe you´ve been victimized by a drug user, or had a family memeber or friend overdose), if your a liar (compulsive or otherwise)... but irregardless virtually everything you´ve stated as a fact as been wrong, and your opinions while as valid as anyones... i find rather disturbing (as a result of authoritarism, and what seesm to be a blantantly unfounded extreme predjudice)... nazi-like even, in regard to this subject and BTW, don´t bother with that godwin´s law BS; its a cop-out, for those that can´t form a counter-point.
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/05/2012 01:02 AM     
I don´t know what planet you reside on, but in my home town we have shootings, robberies and burglaries EVERY DAY. All of which are attributed to illegal drug use and sales. The street gangs shoot each other weekly for drug turfs. You cast a blind eye to the truth because you are part of the problem. Law abiding citizens KNOW the truth. I stand by everything I´ve posted on this subject because it is the truth. We have children die from neglect because their parents are strung out on drugs. That´s the TRUTH. How do you support YOUR drug habit when you are low on cash? Inquiring minds want to know. If you haven´t robbed or broken into a home, you will. You have defended every drug story you commented own. Your denial speaks volumes. You need an intervention.
  by: Lurker     07/05/2012 02:05 AM     
all are attributed to drug... not fracking likely.

do you have poverty?... poverty causes more crimres than drugs... infact, this is the cause of MOST crimes involving theft.

do you have legalized alcohol?.. alcohol causes more crimes... my uncle was charge with several crimes as a result of being drunk to the point of blacking out.

do you have legalized gambling?... that causes alot of crimes... i´ve had a family memeber steal $40 bucks just to fund here bingo addiction (she doesn´t have that problem anymore)

do you have a corrupt police force/ government? (if your an american or canadian this is a rhetorical question) ... distrust of these entities causes violent crimes.

do you have a large wealth gap or other forms of inequality in your city/country?... if so this is contributing to crime.

do you have high educational standards, if not the populas will bre more inclined to commit crimes

do you have gangs? (rhetoical you already said you do)... if so they are a cause of crime (irregardless of whether drug are legal or illegal, existant or non-existant.. and typically gangs are a result of poverty and a failure to educate the people

how do i support my drug habit when i´m low on cash... simple i ration it, or a quit for a few days, or a find a way to earn some cash... mow a lawn if i have to... shovel a driveway... i´ve been working honestly since i was 12 years old... again don´t prtend to know me... because judging from what i´ve seen you know nothing about this topic are are at best relying on primative emotional responses, not logic, nor any form of problem solving ability (typicaly indicaticative of eithere a weak mind, or a person of low IQ; again TYPICALLY).

and no i have not ever, nor would i (nor do i even think my pysche would permit so) steal to support my usage... nor would i steal for more important reasons (aside from absolute survival) like paying rent, or hydro, phone/cable... maybe you would hence why you´d think other would be so eager to do so, but thats nothing akin to me... nor should you ever make such moronic assumption of someone you know nothing about... nor a a subject you know nothing about.

blaming drugs for everything IS denial... and yet your do blinded by irrational and misdirected anger to even see the obvious.

again i´ve NEVER said some drug user don´t break valid laws... but MOST don´t and your denial doesn´t change reality, no matter how many time you insist your right...

try a logical arguement with actual solution... and MAYBE i can take you seriously... unfortunately you´ve been nothing but the antithesis of a intelligent rational person... and have in several instance made comment to evidence just how far your head is lodged into your rectum.... everything must look shitty from your point of view... not to mention several ad hommine attacks, not one of which seems at all based in reality.

and FYI, i abide by EVERY constitutional law... however not all laws are constitution... frankly many are downright authoritarian... such as drug law, modern copyright law (and i´m a poet btw, so i actually do support copyright law, just not in its modern form), jaywalking etc.

for some reason your incapable of seeing the obvious and have taken the talking point of the most extreme anti-drug authoritarians, and as a result everything is legitiment to blame on drugs when in reality, very little actually is... as i´ve continuously evidenced to your complete obliviousness..

but by all means continue hiding in your shell and blaming the drugs rather then the people... its alot easier to blame things that cannot defend themselves, than people whom can use anything and everything a a scapegoat... much like you have with drugs... which i find as contemptable as people who commit crimes than say "its not my fault, i was on drugs, the drugs made me do it" its a bullshit cop-out just like when religious people commit murder etc then say "the devil made me do it" or "god told me to do it".

i´m sure you can convince some weak minds to your non-point... but intelligent people wont buy what your selling... we understand things like percipitating factors such as the several i´ve posted.

and yes of course idefend drugs... i have responsibly used them since i was 15... and never once have the been a problem for me, typically i only smoke weed (not even drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, nor even regular consumption of caffine, nor even perscription medication); all of are worse than weed (or hash or pot/hash-oil) by leaps and bounds but they´re legal so i´m sure you support those mindless habits)... i have used other drugs (cocaine, ectasy, saliva, magic mushrooms; however only on rare occasion even when i used to used other drugs), and again with no problems at all... not even a light addiction.

infact aside from marijuana i´d be whats called "straight-edge"... i typically refain from all drug use (aside from marijuana.
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/05/2012 04:41 AM     
if you live in the US you cannot blame gun violence on drugs at all... guns are a part of the US culture, esspecially redneck and dense-urban culture.

the US has more gun violence than ANY country on earth (and that not even counting the misuse of guns by police which happens even in canada all too often)

and the gang violence here is typically the hells angels who traffic almost ANYTHING that ISN´T legally sold, hence if drugs are legal they get cut out and hence they lose there control in society.

if you support prohibition whether you like it or not, whether you´re even aware of it or not you ARE supporting gangs (and any other person or groups profiting from black market goods) and hence what they do, even if not even one cent from you goes to them... now i´m sure you don´t intentionally support them ... but ignorance is no less supporting of them than people who do so knowingly.

i hate the black market as much as anyone possibly could (must people therein are crooks; plain a simple, nor can i, nor would i, nor will i defend them)... the black market and the people profitting from it to the destruction of society are one of the greatest reason to support the legalization of drugs, at the very least marijuana as thats the drug the majority of people use; and not the majority of drug users, but the majority of ALL people in north america; 66% in canada, IE we are the majority, ergo, if our countries were real democracies marijuana would already be legal, or more accurately never would have been made illegal in the first place, which actually exist because hemp was superior to paper, hence hemp/cannabis cultivation became illegal... again it never had anything to do with public safety... nor does it today; IE your hiding behind "oh think of the children" (like helen lovejoy on the simpsons) is nothing but either gross ignorance, or denial and manipulation... frankly i´m hoping for the later, as i really hope no-one is that ignorant of the problems plaguing society.

perhaps you should re-read my comments and keep them in the context i use them, rather than the context you want to the appear.

lol... we didn´t used to be so different... i remeber you... but i´m sure you don´t remeber me... you used to have a more open, less authoritarian mindset... or perhaps its just nostalgia... i used to have a great many in depth debates here, and on virtually every topic i had even the most remost intrest in (science, politics, religion, evolution, cars, government, military/war, virtually anything of actual importance in the world); time well wasted IMO (much as i feel upon reflection of my drug use, maybe i´d feel differently had i ever have bad experiences... but for me its all been good... its been people that have always been my biggest problem... and not to put too fine a point on it, but people like you seem to be now; intolerant, ignorant, manipulative people (my 3 most hated human traits ironically).
  by: FreedomOrRevolution   07/05/2012 05:07 AM     
"90% of crime against innocent citizens is cause by drugs."

Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.
  by: DarkWave     07/05/2012 08:38 PM     
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