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                 04/21/2014 04:00 AM  
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06/25/2012 04:35 PM ID: 92196 Permalink   

Woman Sues 13-Year-Old Catcher After She Was Hit in Face With Baseball


Elizabeth Lloyd of Manchester Township, New Jersey is suing a 13-year-old Little League Baseball player because he accidentally hit her with a ball in the face during a game. Her injuries haven´t been revealed.

The 45-year-old filed a lawsuit against Matthew Migliaccio, seeking $150,000 in damages to cover medical costs stemming from the incident. At that time the boy was only 11 years old.

Lloyd, however, alleges in a second count that his action were "negligent and careless" and her husband, in a third count, is suing the boy for "loss of services, society and consortium of his wife".

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I hope those two can never have kids of their own. Obviously there wasn´t any sense to be knocked into her.
  by: mbartnz   06/26/2012 03:43 AM     
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