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                 04/23/2014 04:39 PM  
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06/23/2012 03:47 PM ID: 92182 Permalink   

GM to Invest $1 Billion in Russian Plant


General Motors said that it will add 1,500 at its St. Petersburg, Russia assembly plant as part of $1 billion expansion plan.

"General Motors is embarking on a new era in Russia, one of the world´s fastest-growing vehicle markets, as part of our strategy to build where we sell," GM boss Dan Akerson announced.

The auto manufacturer expects to boost production in Russia from 98,000 vehicles per year to 230,000.

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They never considered investing more in the US to help THEIR COUNTRY out of a depression?
  by: Lurker     06/23/2012 06:20 PM     
I doubt the demand is high enough in America to warrant the manufacture of a new assembly plant here. Their plan to build where they are selling is good, as it is much more efficient for delivery to dealerships. Rest assured these are Russian cars meant for the Russian market.
  by: theavenger8     06/25/2012 11:17 PM     
  too bad the weather  
if the weather was decent enough in alaska, they could have built there
  by: zortona   06/26/2012 09:52 PM     
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