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                 04/21/2014 06:51 AM  
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06/20/2012 01:33 PM ID: 92173 Permalink   

Detroit Man Gambles Away $1.5 Million After Bank Error


55-year-old Ronald Page of Detroit, Michigan visited an ATM and found that he was able to take out as much money as he wanted even though he had only $300 in his checking account.

Page withdrew a total of $1.5 million from different ATMs and gambled it all away. He pled guilty to theft of bank funds and could face 15 months in prison.

Bank of America says Page originally had a banking account with LaSalle Bank and the glitch somehow occurred while the two banking institutions were transferring account information.

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  Wrong Move  
You get your passport and you head off to Brazil w/ your 1.5 million.
  by: artfuldodger   06/20/2012 03:29 PM     
While you are correct about getting yourself out of dodge, you are incorrect as far as the destination. NO PLACE South of the border is safe for an American, I don´t care how much money you have.. Actually, the more money you have, the more of a target you become!
No, the safest places for a ´Yank´ to go (I´m presuming you are a ´Brit´ since your moniker is ´artfuldodger´ a British term for thief if I am not mistaken) would be Canada, the British Isles, or the Netherlands..
You know, places where terrorists don´t go ´cause it´s too cold for them.. lol
  by: Allanthar     06/21/2012 04:15 PM     
  1.5 Million dollars - 15 months in Jail...  
HRM yeah totally NOT what I would have done lol. He got the cash out of ATM´s, so he had actual hard cash. I would have bought a waterproof Military style Pelican case, put said money into case and buried that shit somewhere in the Michigan forest.

Actually, I would have taken a couple hundred thousand and spread it around, making sure people SAW me loosing big and given money away at Casino´s etc so I could say I lost all of it.

Then after I did my 15 months, completed my parole etc, I would have dug up the money and moved. Could grand in the bank MAX, rest buried somewhere getting it as need be.

[ edited by kristmen ]
  by: kristmen   06/21/2012 04:33 PM     
I think this proves the level of intelligence in certain places..
I mean, he was smart enough to figure he could pull $1.5 million dollars and his next thought is to gamble with it??
"The best way I can make more money is to piss it all away on the track/cards/wheel! DOH!"
Even if he blew the .5 million, something should have kicked his brain into thinking "Oh well, I still have $1million left, better cut my losses!"
  by: Allanthar     06/21/2012 04:33 PM     
Actually, given what I just said I would do, how do we know that isn´t what he DID. I bet he does have some of that cash hidden away.
  by: kristmen   06/21/2012 04:35 PM     
The problem with your idea is the casinos have cameras and people who are smart enough to keep track of how much is spent by whom. And yes, they practically have a camera per table/person.
So lossing $50,000.00 out of $1.5million wouldn´t have fooled anyone into thinking he lost all the money. Even if you did spread the money around, they would go to those people and pull their bank statements, they would track their expenses and would realize the money is not gone..

[ edited by Allanthar ]
  by: Allanthar     06/21/2012 04:35 PM     
by spread it around I didn´t just mean a casino. I mean EVERYWHERE public that people can see it. Hell, if I had 1.5million and I had to get rid of a good chunk of it, I´d make a Youtube video of myself burning stacks of cash. I´d be like yo this is how we roll, cash stacks so high we burn hundreds instead of wood. Then you have like 250,000 in cash, BUT you put a hundred on top, on the button and signals in the middle, and light that stuff up on Youtube. Prove is wasn´t really all $100 dollar bills.

Detroit has no lack of ghetto´s, down down there and start pitching hand fulls of hundreds in the streets, you think they are going to get them back?

Hand a random strangers at the bus stop money...

Buy a couple expensive cars, all cash...

Anyway the point is after blowing a few hundred thousand dollars in a VERY public manner you could easily say, pppsssssttt I blew it all.

How are they going to prove you didnt? Who cares if they don´t believe you.

Do the 15 months. Chill out for a few months afterwards and then dig up your cash and disappear.
  by: kristmen   06/21/2012 08:47 PM     
Just buy a plane ticket with the cash and just dissappear with $1,499,000.00Mil... Yes, a one way ticket to an over-seas location shouldn´t cost more than $500, even short on such short notice, but I´m including cab fare to the airport, tip to the cabbie, tip to the airport baggage handlers, stewardesses, oh and F to the TSA!!!

[ edited by Allanthar ]
  by: Allanthar     06/22/2012 09:02 PM     
  It is seemed in a movie but real.  
Woa...I just want a little of those money, such as one percent of that; then ready to hook up another place and having a dream life after that.Anyway, it is not his fault. Anyone will do any ways to spend those money.

[ edited by dungdoant ]
  by: dungdoant   07/27/2012 03:32 PM     
I don´t understand how he did it. My ATM at my bank has a limit to how much you can withdraw at one time. I got $300 out once and the money got stuck coming out the slot. I finally got it out. Since then I only get $200 at a time. The slot hole isn´t big enough for $300 even though it lets you get that amount. This guy must have worked many ATM machines 24 hours a day for weeks to get that much money out.
  by: Lurker     07/27/2012 10:35 PM     
Maybe he didn´t get physical money; he just used his debit card. I don´t know.
  by: Lurker     07/27/2012 11:24 PM     
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