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                 04/24/2014 08:17 AM  
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06/12/2012 03:07 PM ID: 92124 Permalink   

Los Angeles King´s Take Their First Stanley Cup


A five-minute power play gave the Kings a chance to score 3 points in 3 minutes early into Game 6 of the Cup Play offs.
Steve Bernier caused the power play when he slammed a L.A. defenseman into the boards and got himself ejected from the game.

L.A.´s Rob Scuderi left the ice bloodied but returned later to the L.A. bench.
During the 3-minute assault when the N.J. Devils were down one man, the Kings´ D. Brown, J. Carter and T. Lewis each scored one goal.

This is the Kings´ first championship in it´s 45 year franchise history.

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