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                 04/24/2014 03:33 PM  
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05/19/2012 07:30 PM ID: 91998 Permalink   

Young Woman With Flesh-Eating Disease Faces More Amputations


Even though Andy Copeland says his daughter Aimee Copeland is seeing improvement, the 24-year-old will also lose her hands after a flesh-eating bacteria has already claimed one leg.

The surgery is necessary to make sure the infection doesn´t spread to her blood. "Her hands have gone from a purplish hue to a reddish flesh tone. She can flex her wrists now as well. Unfortunately, her fingers are beyond recovery," her father says.

Aimee Copeland of Augusta, Georgia developed a rare condition called "necrotizing fasciitis" after she suffered a deep cut from a zip line accident.

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