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                 07/22/2014 09:29 PM  
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04/20/2012 07:56 PM ID: 91858 Permalink   

German Court Rules YouTube Must Remove Music Videos


Google´s video-sharing website is responsible when users post copyrighted music clips without permission, a German court in Hamburg ruled Friday.

The German royalty collections body GEMA sued the site over 12 temporarily uploaded music videos to which it holds the rights.

It´s not clear if YouTube will appeal the ruling.

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It´s clear that Germany is a collective idiot that doesn´t understand the internet.
  by: DarkWave     04/20/2012 11:42 PM     
  Next election  
Pirate Party will win a landslide victory thanks to this. They are already at 13%. larmachen zum ?ndern.

GEMA, GEZ, USK, FSK, VG WORT, all of these mafia-like organisations have to be destroyed! So dont blame the german people for our tyrannical government.

[ edited by Evilrat ]
  by: Evilrat   04/21/2012 07:38 AM     
  HUGE waste of money....  
The costs involved with "anti-piracy" and it´s legislation around the world far outweigh the effect such legislation has on piracy... If people want it, they are going to get it. Kill off all the "anti-piracy legislation" and all of the excess cost associated with adding copy protection to everything, and bring the prices of copyright material to what it SHOULD BE, and you wouldn´t have nearly the piracy issues we do today... Just my opinion.

On the bright side, ... it is kind of nice to see someones greed actually cost them money... :-)
  by: jeffillinois   04/23/2012 08:32 PM     
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