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                 02/22/2018 04:15 AM  
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04/16/2012 07:01 PM ID: 91842 Permalink   

Las Vegas "Hangover Bus" Cures Partiers


If you had a bit too much last night, "Hangover Heaven" offers help. Anesthesionlogist Jason Burke says his plan is to hit the Las Vegas Boulevard with his bus to help people to get rid of their hangovers.

In only 30 to 45 minutes, people will be "cured" with "Redemption", IV fluids, for $130 or "Salvation", including nausea and vitamin therapy, for $150.

The businessman also says on his website that he is "first a physician" and his remedy "is extremely safe".

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  Shakes head  
This sounds like a story plot cooked up on the TV show "Good Christian Bitches (GCB)". LOL, It sounds as corny.
  by: Lurker     04/16/2012 07:30 PM     
  No no no  
While growing up my cousin lived next door to a seasoned alcoholic. He told Bob & friends, "Boys, I tell ya. Before you go out for the night put two big glasses of water on your night table. When you wake up, drink ´em down".

You know what? it works! [can we say "dehydration? Sure, sure you can....".
  by: mcink2   04/17/2012 12:36 AM     
Sure there is the sensible soultuion..
But Scr#w you, Go the Hair of the dog (just keep drinking the next morning)

  by: veya_victaous     04/17/2012 12:41 AM     
  Tried that  
However I´m thinking of running for public office - maybe then I can piece together my teens and early 20´s.

-Anyone catch the Cheech N Chong reference...
  by: mcink2   04/17/2012 01:00 AM     
I used to drink Bloody Marys to cure my hangover from the beer & Jack Daniels the night before. By happy hour I was ready for more Jack Daniels & beer. That´s why I quit drinking entirely in 1987.
  by: lurker     04/17/2012 02:20 AM     
  When I turned legal age  
is when I quit. Not having to use my fake I.D. took the fun out of it.
  by: mcink2   04/17/2012 03:41 AM     
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