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                 04/17/2014 03:10 PM  
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03/21/2012 06:29 PM ID: 91706 Permalink   

Under Water Robot Powered by the Ocean


Robojelly is a mechanical jelly fish.
The Navy had it developed for surveillance purposes and recently announced the program. The propulsion system imitates the movement of jelly fish.

Heat is created by the reaction of platinum and water. Platinum black powder reacts with hydrogen and oxygen to make heat and cause the segments to contract and expel waster miming the throbing of a real jelly fish.

The Robojelly is still in development. It will swim by using external hydrogen as a fuel. Steering the Robojelly is still a work in progress.

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But now it´s not a Secret, Beats me why they invent stuff for covert Surveillance they Blab about it to the rest of the world, if it was Russia or Talaban that invented it they wouldn´t tell anyone
  by: rangi   03/22/2012 03:05 AM     
It´s outdated or impractical for use in the military so they share the technology /w the civilian sector in hopes of finding applications (and a quick buck) elsewhere. The stealth bomber we all know and love was declassified in the early 80s but it had seen flight for nearly a decade prior to public acknowledgement. Same /w the SR-72 used in the cold war. The US has MUCH cooler stuff at its disposal. Trust me. ;D
  by: Garbasche   03/22/2012 07:08 AM     
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