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                 04/18/2014 02:14 AM  
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03/15/2012 11:03 AM ID: 91682 Permalink   

NJ Lottery Winner Must Pay Cheated Co-Workers Millions


A New Jersey construction worker has to split his $24 million lottery jackpot after a jury ruled in favor of his former lottery pool.

Americo Lopes, who regulary bought the tickets, won the money in November 2009. At first he hid the lottery win from his colleagues and only in March 2010 he told them the winning ticket belonged to him alone.

Then Lopes´ co-workers discovered the date of the lottery win online. "I froze. I didn’t want to believe that these were the dates we were playing together," one of his colleagues said. Each of them will now get $4 million from Lopes.

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