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                 04/24/2014 10:42 PM  
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03/15/2012 10:11 AM ID: 91680 Permalink   

Missing Texas Baby Home After 8 Years


Auboni Champion-Morin of Houston, Texas says her son, who has been missing for eight years, will be home this week after police found the boy living with his former babysitter Krystle Rochelle Tanner, 26.

Tanner is accused of kidnapping the boy in late 2004 and was arrested Monday. Only last summer authorities took notice of Tanner, who lived about 150 miles northeast of Houston. Someone reported to police that she would neglect her two children.

It is assumed that Champion-Morin´s son has never been in school and wasn´t even given a name. The mother says she "prayed every night that he was safe, loved and he would come home one day".

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