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                 04/18/2014 02:12 AM  
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02/23/2012 07:10 PM ID: 91566 Permalink   

Big Blackjack Win Brings Philly Man Bad Luck


A Philadelpha man, Mateen Johnson, 34 was trying to cash in his $25,000 blackjack winnings when casino officials turned him in the the Altoona police department.

The casino required a picture ID before they cashed in his chips. The ID got the attention of the authorities. Johnson said he was anticipating a bust on his outstanding drug warrant and needed a big win to cover the bail.

Philadelphia Park Racetrack & Casino officials found out about his warrant status and notified the police.

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  Thieving sods  
They are just a bunch of thieving sods otherwise they would require a photo ID before the person started play.
  by: mbartnz   02/24/2012 08:59 AM     
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