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                 02/24/2018 02:41 PM  
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01/19/2012 12:49 PM ID: 91401 Permalink   

Los Angeles: New Rule Requires Porn Stars to Wear Condoms


Actors of adult movies in Los Angeles will be forced to wear condoms during film shosts, a new rule requires. In the vote of 9-1, the Los Angeles city council approved the measure Tuesday.

Nevetheless, Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare, says there had already been a similar rule made by The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, but not specifically for porn films.

"I don`t know of any other industry where people go out in public and say they`re not going to follow the law," he states. Most of U.S. adult films are produced in Los Angeles.

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  Nobody wants to see this  
This could be a blow to the porn industry - pun intended.
  by: TheBlob   01/19/2012 05:36 PM     
  No surprise  
I saw this cumming.
  by: womenareviolent     01/19/2012 11:44 PM     
  What the hell?  
do you wear a raincoat in a shower?
  by: smgordon1259   01/20/2012 09:00 AM     
  side question  
does that include BJ�s?
  by: drk   01/21/2012 02:15 AM     
  I guess they will all  
move to some other place.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   01/21/2012 04:59 AM     
  I dont know  
I dont know what they hope will come out of this law
  by: Rattler5150   01/21/2012 02:55 PM     
They�re hoping NOTHING will come out. That�s the point.
  by: womenareviolent     01/21/2012 07:57 PM     
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