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                 04/24/2014 10:43 PM  
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12/28/2011 12:33 PM ID: 91286 Permalink   

Thousands of Workers Strike at LG Plant in China


About 8,000 workers at a Chinese plant owned by the LG group went on strike claiming South Korean staff at the same unit were paid higher year-end bonuses than local workers.

This year the country faced a series of strikes demanding better pay as food and fuel prices have gone up.

LG explained that "We and the Nanjing city government are jointly negotiating with workers to smoothly reach an agreement and we expect the problems to be resolved soon."

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China strikes! Their workers demand more money! Soon there factories wont be able to offer the same rates that have beaten western industry for the past 4 decades
damn nixon.

now mexico will see a huge influx of work sent to them.

as soon as they figure oout which end of the soldering iron is the hot end
  by: thedeeder   12/28/2011 07:02 PM     
My thoughts too. It will be a mater of time when it will cost just as much or the same to make the products at home (were ever that may be) then to out source to China..
  by: thedrewman   12/29/2011 08:22 AM     
saw where mexico had a 4% unemployment rate. if mexico gets more jobs, americans will be entering mexico for work!
  by: shannon853   12/30/2011 02:07 AM     
It´s been a tried, tested, and true method for international business for some time to shift production to sectors of the world where wages are among the lowest levels. This situation, if not resolved locally will produce the same results.
  by: darkshanker   12/31/2011 03:24 AM     
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