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                 04/23/2014 11:54 PM  
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12/22/2011 11:32 AM ID: 91256 Permalink   

Mitt Romney on Obama´s Uncle: "I´d Deport Him"


Asked by a Boston radio host if President Obama´s relative, Onyango Obama, should be deported, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney answered "yes".

Obama´s 67-year-old uncle was arrested earlier this year on drunken driving charges and has been illegally in the US for many years.

Onyango Obama was held on an immigration detainer. He was ordered to leave the country and to go back to Kenya 20 years ago.

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  how about  
if an illegal is ourered out of the country and fails to do so, if caught again they are shot on the shot! just think of the jobs thatwould open up, the welfare drop and the other costs involved feeding these invaders!just enter mexico illegally and see how you are treated! that is if you survive!
  by: shannon853   12/22/2011 04:09 PM     
Shot on the shot!!! I´ve been away from this site for a while due to some things going on in my life but it´s nice to see that you´ve continued to do your job here as usual. Sometimes I wish the native Americans "Indians" who owned this land before we stole it from them, raping and killing most of them before putting the rest in internment cam... I mean "reservations" had firearms so that they could have shot our founding fathers/settlers on the spot or whatever you were trying to grunt out. At least we gave them some humanitarian aid by giving them blankets contaminated with smallpox. We are the invaders, don´t forget that. Do you realize how young this country is and what we did to "found" it? Effing white people... and yes I am one. I believe immigrants should go through proper channels but people like you are part of what makes this country a laughing stock among the international community. Your distant relatives came here from another country because they were looking for opportunity and trying to escape the lives they were living somewhere else. So did Mitt Romney´s.
  by: spiggy   12/22/2011 06:29 PM     
  Spiggy 4 President  
yey Spiggy.

I rate that Most Sensible comment of the year..
  by: veya_victaous     12/22/2011 10:10 PM     
"Your distant relatives came here from another country because they were looking for opportunity and trying to escape the lives they were living somewhere else. So did Mitt Romney´s."

Here Here...
  by: Niftypixel   12/23/2011 05:55 PM     
Waaaay to much eggnog....
  by: mcink2   12/25/2011 06:50 PM     
  to all.  
yes the white man invaded this country and took it away from that lived here first. it all boils down to teh natives not having a flag or a name for this land, hense, the country under what was understood as then needed to be a sovern nation lacked those items. going further, to moderm times, there are 23 million illegals her being supported mostly by our tax paying citizens and those that are illagel here mostly do not pay other then sales taxes a far cry from being self supporting. they get 5 bucks and hour and in benifits make equal to someone making 15 bucks an hour. some when caught are deported only to be back in the states withen days to weeks again sucking 338 billion of american tax dollars. california puts out 21.8 billion each year for the privilage of supporting them. if we used the laws of mexico, those caught may never be seen or heard from again. the elected officals want them here for their vote which they get by getting a drivers license. the borders are wide open, if a border agent does his job he is arrested and placed in prison, as 3 have found out by shooting some that have shot at them. obama and his position has protected his relatives even though they were order out 20 years ago. so just how does being nice help? some countries just shoot illegals (invaders) on the spot. what we have here in america is a bunch of wimps that will not stand up to our laws, our constitution and hide behind the thinking of idiots. our armed forces fights for our freedoms and people are so willing to give up our country these men and women fought for. so to those that do not want to put an end to teh invasion of over 23 million illegals that are robbing our economy, taking jobs and food from those out of a job, remember when you loose a job to an illegal that will do your job for far less, will you just stand by and defend them or will you fight to regain your job and country back? either you are for your country (taken legally or not) or will you just sit on you ass and watch it fall? want to fall? vote in people like obama boxer reid feinstein polesi etc and help the socialists! just try to think. if there is a law against entering this country illegally and it is not enforced, why follow any law? it makes laws invalid! it becomes a pick and choose think. want to drive drunk? fine let 23 million drive drunk in your state. see how that works for you.
  by: shannon853   12/25/2011 07:42 PM     
When you type "teh" I stop reading your crap. Grow up.
  by: Lurker     12/25/2011 08:00 PM     
Well, git a gun and start shootin´ ´em on the spot!
  by: mcink2   12/25/2011 08:57 PM     
first mis spellings get more attention. second, 5 RULES TO REMEMBER IN LIFE:

1. Money cannot buy happiness but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard´s name.
3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they´re in trouble again.
4. Many people are alive only because it´s illegal to shoot them.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems but then again, neither does milk.

and as for shooting them, refure to u.s. title where it is required that all able bodied men take up arms against the common foe. in frontier days that was the indians, not it is teh attack of illegals upon our country and economy! but then again liberals are too dumb to understand illegal they use undocumented! they also can not understand an attack on teh economy either. and just for you a mis spelled the!
  by: shannon853   12/25/2011 10:40 PM     
  Money cannot buy happiness but  
It can buy you a big ass boat so you can pull right up beside Happiness, drop anchor, crack a beer - put your feet up and take a real good look at it.
  by: mcink2   12/25/2011 11:21 PM     
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