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                 04/19/2014 01:58 PM  
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12/01/2011 03:55 PM ID: 91156 Permalink   

Men Don´t Always Think About Sex


It is known that men think about sex more often than women, but researchers of Ohio State University wanted to know if they really think about it every seven seconds as estimated.

Therefore, 163 female and 120 male college students were asked to record how often they think about food, sleep or sex with a tally counter.

The results show that men thought about sex approximately 19 times a day whereas women thought about it only 10 times. It was also striking that men had almost as many thoughts of food (18 times) and sleeping (11 times a day) as of sex.

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  Sex or sleep?  
Who needs sleep? lol
  by: theillusionary   12/01/2011 08:20 PM     
  GOD said  
Go forth and Multiply....

its his fault we think about sex all the time geez,,,
  by: smgordon1259   12/01/2011 09:13 PM     
  It really  
depends on the man.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   12/02/2011 07:12 AM     
  Well if you read the Bible  
You should notice that the subject of sex comes up quite often. So in that vein I am going to go meditate on the Word of God.
  by: luxfestinus     12/04/2011 05:03 AM     
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