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                 04/25/2014 09:23 AM  
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10/15/2011 09:27 PM ID: 90925 Permalink   

Vietnamese Woman Cuts Chinese Man´s Penis


In Taiwan, Chiayi County, a 30-year-old Vietnamese woman named Pan used scissors to cut the penis off her 29-year-old Chinese-Taiwanese boyfriend Weng, and then threw it into the Bajhang River before turning herself in.

Pan claimed that Weng abused drugs, had relationships with other women, and attacked her. She had one daughter with Weng. Pan had threatened Weng with severing his penis over his continuing infidelity.

When Weng went to sleep, Pan used scissors to cut his penis, called the police, and drove a scooter to throw his penis into the Bajhang river, after which she turned herself in. Weng was found on his bed and treated by medics.

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Not surprising. Asians often cut noodles with scissors.

It´s stories like this one that keep my name alive.
  by: womenareviolent     10/15/2011 10:55 PM     
  A funny  
She snipped Weng´s wang.
  by: DRK   10/16/2011 04:33 AM     
  Now for Some Shakespeare  
For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar´s angel.
Judge, O you gods, how dearly Caesar lov´d him!
This was the most unkindest cut of all...

[ edited by artfuldodger ]
  by: artfuldodger   10/16/2011 04:47 AM     
  That reminds me  
of a car accident I had in a parking lot. I backed up into an SUV by accident. The SUV was going super fast. Anyhow I hit the front passenger door of the SUV. The cops were called, and this tiny Vietnamese woman dropped out to of the shotgun seat and told the cop I should be arrested right away and sent to prison for ten years. She yelled and screamed for my blood at the poor cop for ten minutes. I exchanged insurance cards with the southern good old boy who drove the car, while the cop tried to explain to the banshee that the law can´t do anything on private property, and thus he could not write me a ticket. The she-demon shot me an evil look, and I was glad I had no part of her in anything when I left the scene. Be careful of those Vietnamese women; they´re dangerous and on par in nastiness with Colombian women.
  by: artfuldodger   10/16/2011 05:16 AM     
It looks like these penis-severing news are becoming all too common.
  by: fileno22   10/16/2011 05:31 AM     
He won´t be "shaking" his "spear" anytime soon.
  by: womenareviolent     10/16/2011 10:19 AM     
  Wong thing to do  
  by: mcink2   10/16/2011 04:24 PM     
This message brought to you by Fiskars.
  by: DarkWave     10/17/2011 08:20 PM     
These comments are TOTALLY AWESOME!
I just wish I could have thought of them too!
  by: Allanthar     10/18/2011 03:11 PM     
shouldn´t be half off.
  by: DarkWave     10/18/2011 07:40 PM     
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