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                 02/24/2018 02:40 PM  
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09/06/2011 05:34 PM ID: 90737 Permalink   

Study Shows That Genes Are Responsible for Exercising


Genes could give the answer why some people like to work out and others don´t. If a certain gene is missing, mice don´t want to run anymore, as researchers from McMaster University found out.

The researches divided the mice in two groups and removed two genes in one the groups. "While the normal mice could run for miles, those without the genes in their muscle could only run the same distance as down the hall and back," said Gregory Steinberg.

Especially for couch potatoes this study could be important. "As we remove activity from our lives due to emerging technologythat is reducing the mitochondria in people´s muscles. This in turn makes it so much harder for people to start exercising," said Steinberg.

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  I Concur..  
I was so much more active and athetic before I got into IT. Now I am a couch potato who needs to sleep 14 hours a day and I get sleepy around 10:30am and 3:00pm...
  by: Allanthar     09/06/2011 06:12 PM     
I think that is just more of a downward spiral rather you got yourself into. Getting older, being less active, poor diet, all starts to snowball.

If you force yourself to eat better, and exercise more, it will suck hard the first few weeks, but you will start to enjoy it and eventually will just be the way you do things.
  by: joshjje   09/06/2011 06:22 PM     
  Have to say  
... what about people like me that aren´t exactly enamored with exercise but do it anyway because we know we´ll be better off for it?
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/06/2011 07:28 PM     
Well lets see, I was in wrestling, martial arts, football, shotput and discus all through elementary school, junior high, high school and college, so part of me thinks I have been active enough right there.
But then I continued my weight training and cardio until about 10 years ago when I was in IT and broke my left knee. It happened at the end of a cabling job where I was going back inside to grab the last box of wire...
It´s been down hill from there as I do not have the same range of motion, strength, or ability to exercise with said left knee as I used to..

[ edited by Allanthar ]
  by: Allanthar     09/07/2011 02:20 PM     
Sorry to hear that :(. However, diet is much more important than exercise for losing weight. In fact you can do zero exercise and lose weight with right diet. You should check out ketogenic diet if you are interested. Lots of meat, fat, and protein mmmm.
  by: joshjje   09/07/2011 06:22 PM     
your circadian rhythm might explain the 3pm fatigue
  by: thedeeder   09/09/2011 06:43 PM     
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