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                 04/20/2014 04:02 PM  
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07/20/2011 10:42 AM ID: 90166 Permalink   

Apple Profits Rise


Apple´s profits in the fiscal third quarter soar. The company set several records when they announced their quarterly profits, revenue, stock price and device sales on Tuesday.

Although analysts had predicted a tough quarter for the iPhone, sales reached a new quarterly record with 20.3 million sold devices. It was initially expected that customers would wait for the release of the next iPhone, which might be in September.

Additionally, 9.25 million iPads were sold in the last three months.
Despite all the records, iPod sales went down 20 percent compared to last year´s third quarter.

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who cares?
  by: zortona   07/21/2011 03:09 PM     
My My aren´t we opinionated on the past few posts!. Apples Profit Rose because they keep costs low everywhere else. They better be thankful for the Imac and Ipod/Phone. They had almost absolutely no profits (damn sure not in this margin) before!.
  by: NiftyPixel   07/30/2011 07:53 PM     
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