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                 02/24/2018 02:47 PM  
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07/17/2011 01:20 AM ID: 90132 Permalink   

Student Scores Not Good Enough? Here´s an Eraser


A recent state report has concluded that, under pressures from No Child Left Behind, about half of Georgia´s public schools have been altering standardized test scores. This may have been going on for a decade at this point investigators believe.

Statistical analysis of sharply increasing scores shows an unrealistic trend. Those who have come forward admit to tactics from letting students look up answers, to sessions where teachers and administrators would erase and correct student answers.

Teachers involved claim to have been threatened with termination by administrators if they did not cooperate. 178 teachers and administrators that have been implicated stand to lose their license and may face charges of altering state documents.

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This is one of my major sticking points about NCLB. It forces school districts to be concerned with test score test scores and more test scores. This sort of behavior was inevitable. And this happens everywhere. I know of local school districts to me where administrators have let teachers see standardized tests days before they were to be taken.

I firmly believe standardized test scores are completely the wrong way to evaluate schools. States should be encouraged to revamp methods and curriculum and improve professional development. Give the Federal education funding to states and schools that show initiative in improving the way we teach and accommodate students. Not the ones with the highest number on a piece of paper.
  by: Zyste     07/17/2011 01:51 AM     
  One more thing  
I feel sorry for these teachers that were intimidated into this, but you need to know when to draw the line. As a teacher, I wholly support them losing their teaching certifications for this type of behavior.

The students whom they have systematically failed are screwed. Some of these kids may have already "graduated". What can you possibly do to rectify this situation? Basically nothing.

So long kids. Do your best not to get thrown in prison.
  by: Zyste     07/17/2011 01:55 AM     
  The district that I work for  
Got an "excellent" rating from the ODE. Best part of my job is being the guy who dispenses that information to the board of ed.
  by: VermiciousG     07/17/2011 05:50 AM     
  The FCAT  
In Florida, they have the same kind of test. Because of the test, kids are just being taught how to pass the test. My friends daughters don´t know how to read or write in cursive, because the FCAT takes up too much time. Schools are being close left and right because they are F schools. A lot of these schools that are F grades are in the Getto. My high school grade drop to a F school because when Hurricane Andrew destroyed the Air Force Base, it took the smart, stable kids out and left it with the bottom of the barrel kids.
  by: thedrewman   07/17/2011 10:10 AM     
  wow these truly are exciting times :)  
get to change your grades .. and if your lucky you get one of those sexy teachers and wink ;)

ahhh what it would be to be a kid again :-D

[ edited by key2000 ]
  by: key2000     07/17/2011 12:42 PM     
  This has been going on...  
Since early 2000. I had a biology teacher ask our class to write an essay explaining why we deserve a good grade. I asked for a B. Nuff said. My political science teacher asked for a basic webpage. Got a B. Skipped math and was offered 2 booklets to complete before the end of the school year. Did them and was assigned study hall in its place. Skipped every other class except English and Computers and passed with the exact amount of credits needed. Meanwhile, all the smart kids did what they were supposed to do and went to their colleges of choice. I worked for a year, and went to a good private college b/c all that matters is how much money you have, not your GPA. That´s what I learned, anyway.
  by: Garbasche   07/17/2011 03:14 PM     
Smart guy, I did the same. I passed with the bare minimum, with the least amount of credits and had spare classes whenever I could. Shop classes, English 12, C- in all classes. When I was in High School, I realized everything was a joke. Teachers are forced to meet the demands that are required to get that funding even if you have to fudge a bit. I felt like they were forcing the me to think the way they want me to.

I felt like I was in bazaaro world when in the system. Nobody thinks for themselves. Teachers and students go through the paces along the assembly line because that was conventional thinking.

They dont teach entreprenueship is school. Just how to be a professional working for somebody else.

I started my own business

[ edited by t-bagger ]
  by: t-bagger   07/17/2011 07:25 PM     
This explains why we have Democrats, expecting things are free, and magic runs the world, because they were conditioned that way...oh its a joke

[ edited by t-bagger ]
  by: t-bagger   07/17/2011 07:32 PM     
What kind of business do you own? And aren´t you awfully concerned with what happens in the U.S. for a Canadian?
  by: Ben_Reilly     07/17/2011 08:43 PM     
Dental ceramic Lab, Im a Dental Ceramist aka I make teeth,

Canadian politics is lame, more action down south and when USA gets a cough, the whole world catches a cold.
  by: t-bagger   07/17/2011 09:28 PM     
Up here in Canada We have a choice of Commie #1 Commie # 2, Corporatist #3 and Socialist # 4, we have more parties to pick from but its different heads off the same monster.

Im hoping the RP Revoltion spreads here and get some freedom back in this bi*ch, we get fined and controlled for everything around here. "oops" I farted $50 fine
  by: t-bagger   07/17/2011 10:25 PM     
"Dental ceramic Lab, Im a Dental Ceramist aka I make teeth"

Oh cool. One of my degrees is in material science, focused on metallurgy and ceramics. My dentist didn´t know what the composite was that they use in fillings and I´ve been unable to find out so far. Do you know? And is it not a trade secret that you could tell me?
  by: Zyste     07/18/2011 02:13 AM     
  I get it now  
And after you make the teeth before shipping them out do you put them into little baggies?
  by: VermiciousG     07/18/2011 06:08 AM     
I have a very severe reaction to metals... I can´t even wear earnings without my ears blowing up like the elephant man.

Last month i had to have a tooth pulled because at that time i couldn´t afford to have them drill it and fill it with a white filling, thanks to my dental plan... and the jerk that pulled my tooth actually had the gall to scold me for saying "F*ck that hurt!" because the other patients don´t appreciate imaginative or constructive use of the English language... and that isn´t appreciated by his other patients who apparently are on the same dental plan as I am...

in Canada... could I have just gotten a white filling? My metal "allergy" is well documented...
  by: vlynxy   07/18/2011 06:09 AM     
Can you also sculpt other things too?
  by: vhan     07/18/2011 07:22 AM     
I dont know off the top of my head. I could easily find out, but im out of town till 28th. I actually have a 3-day hands on course on material science next week. In tech school they really dont go over much on material sciences, they just train you to be semi-productive to jump in the work force, there is a ton of con.ed cources to take after the fact. I dont know a lot of intraoral dental materials as far as dentist use in the office.

I work mostly with Lithium Disilicate and zirconia (metal free)feldspathic porcelain


Again depends what plan,but most plans are converting to allow composites for biocompatable, esthetic reason


no, but never really tried

This guy is good:
  by: t-bagger   07/18/2011 08:42 AM     
I did the same as you. I was a total slacker in high school. I did a short stint in community college and then got an IT job in support and worked my way up the ladder. That was 10 years ago. I now make about double of what all my friends make and I just finally decided to finish school and get my bachelors. I really dont even need it but just feel a desire to have it.

The really sad part is, I know many people that have masters in their fields and are still living at home with mommy and daddy and working at coffee shops... They spent $60 large on a degree they will never even use while I never even finished community college originally and make 3x as much as they do.
  by: slavefortheman     07/19/2011 03:22 PM     
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