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                 04/18/2014 08:13 PM  
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06/08/2011 11:24 AM ID: 89647 Permalink   

North Korea Test-Fires Short-Range Missile


North Korea reportedly fired a KN-06 short-range missile off its coast to test and imporove its range.

It is North Korea´s first missile testing since July 2009, when the country was criticized by the international community for firing short-range missiles off its east coast.

Last week, North Korea reported to "cut all ties with the South" and threatened to attack Seoul.
South Korea didn´t comment on the issue.

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  think about it  
doesn´t the north sound like the worst neighbor you ever had?
  by: drk   06/08/2011 11:39 PM     
Yeah, but the South plays music over the DMZ louder. It´s a constant struggle, but Kim manages to stay on top of his game.

Remember the time he shot a test missile over Japan? Ahaha, good times.

[ edited by Garbasche ]
  by: Garbasche   06/09/2011 02:15 AM     
Had this happen before, my neighbor threw a beer bottle at my house.
  by: incubusphan   06/09/2011 04:10 AM     
  seriously. think about it.  
culture thing i dont know. but he is acting like an asshole neighbor. he has nutty hair. his *friends* are kinda forced to be he friend (think of the party members in NK). if things arent going his way he bitchs and moans to the community board (china) to help him get buttons pushed so people listen to him.

sets off fireworks late at night. has those stupid loud ceremonial shows praising himself.

so i think the best way to combat NK is to treat it how you would a horrible neighbor.
  by: drk   06/09/2011 04:43 AM     
Sounds like Marilyn (sp?) Manson :P
  by: nimira     06/09/2011 06:03 AM     
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