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                 04/20/2014 12:54 PM  
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05/16/2011 12:57 PM ID: 89326 Permalink   

Yahoo Stocks Drop Due to Worse Relationship with Chinese Company Alibaba


Yahoo´s shares dropped another 6 percent on Friday under the aspect of the deteriorating relationship with the Chinese company Alibaba. 40 percent of the Internet company belong to Yahoo.

Alibaba is the owner of Yahoo China, Alipay, which is an online payment service, and two other big Chinese companies.

Previously, Yahoo´s shares declined 7 percent on Wednesday after Yahoo announced that Alibaba had transferred its complete ownership to Alipay.

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Should have taken Microsofts buy out at 29.xx a share, havnt seen anything close to that ever since dummies....
  by: zortona   05/18/2011 05:01 PM     
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