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                 04/25/2014 09:37 AM  
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04/29/2011 09:14 AM ID: 89042 Permalink   

Consumer Group Demands Ban on Latex Gloves


Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen demands that latex gloves should be banned as some patients and workers are allergic to the material. The group has handed in a petition to the Food and Drug Administration.

"Direct contact with latex products can cause skin reactions and, in some patients, anaphylaxis," a representative for Public Citizen explained.

In 1998, the group made a first effort to have rubber gloves banned. Meanwhile, many manufacturers have found ways to produce latex-free gloves for low cost.

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" some patients and workers..."

So no one should be able to use them, stupid.
  by: JayWar   04/29/2011 07:12 PM     
  so now?  
Is the doctor gonna have to feel you up bare handed for your prostate exam?
  by: zortona   04/29/2011 11:26 PM     
What a dreadful thought, an examination with no gloves.

They are an invaluable thing to have around the house and even more so with pets.
  by: captainJane     04/29/2011 11:58 PM     
  Consumer Group Demands Ban on Latex Gloves  
Consumer Group can´t stop buying Latex Gloves demand ban. ROFL
  by: vhan     05/01/2011 09:15 PM     
  Latex gloves  
are obsolete anyway. Very few hospitals use them anymore due to the allergy. The new ones are made of other materials. Jane, they will still use gloves, just not latex. LOL
  by: Lurker     05/01/2011 09:44 PM     
We use nitrile gloves in lab now. Just as cheap as latex and with none of the allergy risks. They´re pretty common.
  by: Zyste     05/01/2011 11:22 PM     
Sitting here commenting about how bad a ban is etc. is a fucking moron. The end.
  by: Dekar   05/01/2011 11:32 PM     
  all praise dekar  
With his intellectual hate.
  by: vhan     05/01/2011 11:55 PM     
  sarcasm aside  
Why is one stupid for not supporting the ban on latex gloves?
  by: vhan     05/02/2011 01:40 AM     
Because SN attracts stupid people, I guess. A lot of them seem to post here.
  by: Lurker     05/02/2011 04:20 AM     
  @ Zyste  
June 2013
Consumer Groups Demand Ban on nitrile gloves....
Because some people are allergic....
And because they want to be pains in the ass.

I just disagree with consumer groups on Principle. they are never satisfied with the Pansification of Life.
  by: veya_victaous     05/02/2011 06:44 AM     
  Reading Comprehension Exam  
For all of you who keep commenting that this article says there will be no more gloves, you missed this sentence:
"many manufacturers have found ways to produce latex-free gloves for low cost."

  by: Jim8   05/02/2011 07:13 AM     
  Common sense  
tells us to not use things which are known to be harmful. Latex can cause anaphylaxis, a major risk. If there is an easily obtained alternative that doesn´t have the risk, it should be used. There is, nitrile, so it should be the substance used for gloves. end of story.
  by: No2Son   05/05/2011 05:07 PM     
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