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                 04/18/2014 08:13 PM  
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04/22/2011 08:56 AM ID: 88902 Permalink   

New Drink Promises Less Hunger While Dieting


A new drink promises dieters to keep them feeling full for hours without hunger pangs. The drink was tested among 23 volunteers who experienced 30 percent less hunger 5 hours after drinking it.

The drink contains a dietary fiber named alginate, which is strongly gelling. "The drink was designed in such a way that it only gels under gastric conditions and not in the product before consumption," one of the developers explained.

The chocolate-flavored drink contains 190 calories per 325ml.
The study was conducted at the Unilever Research & Development in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands.

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the drink is well flavored then i think many obese people will consume it and the desired effects can not stay away.

[ edited by vizhatlan ]
  by: vizhatlan     04/22/2011 02:48 PM     
  @drink makers  
What´s the point in making a drink that makes you feel full if it fills you full of calories too? Make a 0 cal version and call it a day folks. As it stands, this drink is like drinking a can of soda, and you know what? All that carbonation tends to make me feel full too!
  by: theavenger8     04/22/2011 06:39 PM     
If the drink can be substituted for a meal, they´ve got something. 190 calories is way better than an 800-calorie McDonald´s pig-out.
  by: ben_reilly     04/22/2011 07:31 PM     
Only 800 calories from McDonalds, that´s a light snack not a pig out ;)
  by: tiggyfiggy   04/23/2011 04:10 PM     
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