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                 04/19/2014 07:55 PM  
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04/05/2011 08:56 PM ID: 88636 Permalink   

Website Claims Apple Introduces iPhone 5 in June


As a South Korean website revealed that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 5 at the end of June, people are speculating about details. So far, Apple has not provided precise information.

Another news report, however, claims that “Apple has confirmed that time frame”.

Some people believe the launch, in fact, is set for June because the original iPhone, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 were all released in June.

    WebReporter: estrella242 Show Calling Card      
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  I dont feel bad for iPhone 4 people whatsoever  
Just another brick they will be compelled to buy from the Chinese death and slave factories. If Steve Jobs took a crap and stuck a shiny apple logo on it, hordes of people would buy it. Stupid cows being led to the slaughter they are.

Poor me and my Evo... Oh no´s my internet is only 10x faster than an iPwned. Oh no´s my device isnt locked down. Oh no´s my device does what I want it to do. How tragic! I guess I will have to live with the pain of freedom on my Android...
  by: slavefortheman     04/05/2011 09:22 PM     
  Apple tries WAY too hard.............  
The product is horrible. I think Apple spends more time trying to prevent people from unlocking the iPhone, than they spend designing/manufacturing them.. Cheap crap with prices higher than the competitors quality products..

  by: jeffillinois   04/05/2011 09:43 PM     
About Apple´s latest iMarketing. Don´t have an "iPod" or "iPhone" or "iPad" or whatever, but somehow I wake up each day and get things done. Strange!

[ edited by H. W. Hutchins ]
  by: H. W. Hutchins   04/06/2011 11:31 AM     
Agreed. Actually I think they try to handle their devices in much the same way Microsoft looks at their software. You dont really own it. You are just using it. That is why it is so locked down.
  by: slavefortheman     04/06/2011 06:46 PM     
I don´t like apple but when I had an iphone I would say it was easily the best phone I´ve owned. The worst thing about it was the battery was garbage after 1 year. The phone just worked. My android now is nice and very similar however it sometimes freezes/pauses for 2-3 seconds all of the time, I never got this with my iphone

And who cares if it´s "locked down" you can EASILY get past that

I don´t think the iphone was "cheap" in the way you are saying Jeff. iphones are very sturdy and do not feel cheap. They may be cheap to produce and are jacked up in price though...

Try twisting any other phone, just gently, and it will creak and bend. The iphone does not do this.

Don´t get me wrong, i don´t really like apple but the iphone is good
  by: JayWar   04/06/2011 09:17 PM     
  Iphone users  
I can always tell a person that uses an iphone, they always drop calls and they have a static sound to them. Not all of them, but a lot. I called a friend in Ohio that I haven´t seen in 20 years. She kept breaking up and drop the call twice, when I called her back, I asked her, do you have an iphone, she said yes. nuff said.
  by: thedrewman   04/07/2011 07:05 AM     
  Lots of hate here!  
I´ve never much liked Apple from the desktop / laptop perspective, because their products are much more expensive. I feel like a lot of Apple consumers are misled by false information that make them overwhelmingly defend their computer even though they do not understand its limitations.

That being said, I own an iPhone 4. Since purchasing it at the beginning of November, I´ve probably had about 20-25 calls drop as a result of myself or someone else. I have plenty of friends with other smartphones, but none that I have seen in person yet compare to how nice the iPhone 4 looks without a case on it. A lot of the accessibility in the iPhone is very straightforward, geared towards the average consumer. My iPhone is unlocked, something that anyone could do with very little computer knowledge. The iPhone 4 costs the same amount of money as any competitive (feature-wise) smartphone available. In November and up to it´s initial release, I think the iPhone was easily one of the best phones on the market from a feature / technology perspective.

Now phones are starting to come out with brighter screens, dual core processors, and higer megapixel cameras - but prior to the last couple of months few phones could compete with the iPhone 4´s feature set.

I feel like some people defending other smartphones sound about as clueless as Apple fanboy´s do sometimes.
  by: offy   04/07/2011 04:09 PM     
  @ Locked Device  
Forgot to add for those complaining about iPhone being locked down...

As you suggested the correlation between Microsoft with software protection, the whole point is to make the make work-arounds less accessible to the general populous. How is this any different from what Sony does with the PS3, or Microsoft does with the X360, or any number of the inifite software providers do with completely broken DRM?

I think compared to any other piracy prevention method that I have come across, Apple´s defense is nearly non-existant. The iOS revisions are typically cracked quickly and applying them to a device requires only a few button presses.
  by: offy   04/07/2011 04:54 PM     
True enough but you overestimate the average user. Most basic users cant tell you what "jailbreak" means in terms of their iPhone, let alone actually perform it. Even when the process is dumbed down to only a few clicks, most cannot do it.
  by: slavefortheman     04/07/2011 05:58 PM     
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