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                 04/18/2014 12:35 PM  
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03/21/2011 09:28 PM ID: 88400 Permalink   

AT&T to Launch Smartphone With 3-D Screen and Camera


AT&T Inc. said it plans to sell a smartphone that comes with Google´s Android software, a 3-D screen and a dual-lens camera.

You don´t need 3-D glasses for the phone that also can be used for games and watching YouTube clips in 3-D.

An exact price or launch date was not mentioned.

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I like the 3D snapshot gadget. Although it can be done with every camery using anaglyph (red/cyan) technique, this is much better. I assume, ´snapshot´ means it can take (3D) pictures but no 3D-video? Ah, for this you need the LG Tablet "that can shoot 3-D video. However, it won´t have a 3-D screen", according to the source article. Sigh :) I foresee no future for 3D television and 3D mobile. It´s like looking into an aquarium. It´s good for movies though, some of them. For the rest, it can be restraining and damages stereopsis development to children below seven.

[ edited by fonzo ]
  by: fonzo   03/21/2011 09:58 PM     
I want my movies (especially in 3D) on a huge flat screen or in a movie theater.
I don´t see the point of these tiny cell phone screens. Everybody is going blind looking at them. What a scam and a con forced on the public. (and they are gullible enough to buy into it)
  by: Lurker     03/21/2011 10:58 PM     
  It´s My Belief  
That we really don´t want 3D. Heck, we don´t even really want HDTV.

Just a good sharp picture, and movies with an actual story.
  by: Jim8   03/22/2011 01:54 AM     
  U people are the problem  
This is really starting to bother me do you not appreciate quality or new tech at all? I´m a TV salesman I own a 55inch(KDL55NX810) 3D TV LOVE 3D got a 3D camera the W3, 3D is the next thing stop hating its cool its here to stay stop bitching. And for the comment about not wanting HDTV what is wrong with you HD is 1080p beautiful picture you really want a massive tube outputing at best 480p???? Go out buy a 3D TV play some COD in 3D then tell me how you feel
  by: ookjmk   03/24/2011 06:12 AM     
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