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                 04/24/2014 03:33 PM  
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Girl Sends Terrorism-Themed Message to American Airlines Via Twitter
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03/21/2011 08:36 PM ID: 88398 Permalink   

Twitter Turns 5 - Grows at a Record Pace


Social networking and microblogging site Twitter turns 5 today. The first tweet was sent March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey.

Statistics show that 572,000 accounts have been set up since March 12, 2011. Only in February, about 460,000 new accounts have been created daily.

In January 2008, only 8 people worked for the company, whereas today Twitter has 400 employees.

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Good for them of course, but I fail to understand why this has so gotten so popular. I rarely visit it, only to check for trending topics during major events. Not the "I´m taking a dump at this very moment" tweets. Even with these more serious topics, it´s mostly nonsense and RTs telling the same shit all over again every time. It´s a waist of time for people who have too much time on their hand. Or this computer geek is getting old. :)

[ edited by fonzo ]
  by: fonzo   03/21/2011 09:20 PM     
  I´m with you fonzo  
created an account way back then...and I haven´t tweeted once since. I fail to find anything of interest there. I don´t feel like having to be there everyday to catch everything that´s been said...which is mostly just crap and shortened links to more crap. Some people might get something out of it...I don´t !
  by: pas content   03/21/2011 09:47 PM     
Vous avez ne pas content avec Twitteur aussi, n´est ce pas?

Twitter would be more interesting if governments didn´t shut down networks such as in Tunis, Egypt and Libya (or wherever else). Lol, not that I can read any of those languages for info, but it is an instrument to mobilize people. No wonder governments/regimes fear it. The current revolutions are initiated by the youth.

[ edited by fonzo ]
  by: fonzo   03/21/2011 10:15 PM     
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