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                 04/20/2014 04:03 PM  
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03/18/2011 01:47 PM ID: 88364 Permalink   

Maltese Politician Says Malta Should Be Used as Military Base Against Gaddafi


Maltese Nationalist MP, Simon Busuttil has stated that although Malta does not have any real military power, it should offer the island as a military base against the Gadaffi regime.

He said that it´s the right thing to do from a moral viewpoint, considering the traditional ties between Malta and Libya.

Malta´s location in the Mediterranean provides a strategic location for operations in North Africa.

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Gadaffi and Malta´s Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi have been friends for a long time. There´s a picture of them smiling and shaking hands taken just weeks before the rebellion started. The ties between Malta and the Gadaffis are long and deep.

The US purchased 10 acres of land in Malta in 2005 to build a new embassy. They moved into the new premises in January this year. In addition to the size of the plot of land, the embassy building is quite big too.

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  by: MouseJunkie     03/18/2011 01:53 PM     
  ...another thing  
Malta has officially had a neutral stance and just a day ago the government said Malta would not be used as a military base. (The Nationalist Party is the ruling party)
  by: MouseJunkie     03/18/2011 01:56 PM     
  Won´t happen  
According to "Lawrence Gonzi, the prime minister of Malta, says that his country will not allow its territory to be used to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, though it will allow military aircraft from other countries to use its airspace."
  by: fonzo   03/18/2011 07:25 PM     
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