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                 04/23/2014 01:46 PM  
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03/08/2011 08:16 PM ID: 88208 Permalink   

ChatHopper Combines Unique Stranger Chat Experience With Gaming


The number one in the webcam chat alternatives ChatHopper changes your way of playing online interactive games.

With the new feature in their online chat service, one can not only chat with strangers, but also compete in interactive games via webcam while chatting. You don´t need additional hardware or software.

At the moment ChatHopper offers two games - for free. PowerMath is a simple math game, whereas Color Buzzer is based on color sequences.

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  [Insert lewd use of program]  
Naked men. No naked women. They´re too smart/decent for that, but guys, they´ll want a camera trained on their junk as if that´s the damndest awesome thing to see.

There´s no hope with online anonymity. Men are garbage when given a computer.
  by: LykosSN4   03/09/2011 12:54 AM     
You must not know women very well.

While the vast, vast majority of the pervs on those sites are men, there are plenty of women on there showing boobs or their box.

Some even shoving sharpies in the pooper.
  by: moxpearl   03/09/2011 04:11 PM     
  Not Really News?  
I´ve seen quite a few of these (diff games, same premise), all over the place :|
  by: NiftyPixel   03/11/2011 02:03 PM     
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