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                 04/24/2014 10:45 PM  
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01/17/2011 10:17 PM ID: 87499 Permalink   

Obama Family Volunteers at School on Martin Luther King Jr. Day


US president Barack Obama and his family painted a wall at a middle school in Washington D.C. to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr., emphasizing the importance of volunteer service. This is what Obama had to say:

"Dr. King obviously had a dream of justice and equality in our society but he also had a dream of service, that you could be a drum major for service, that you could lead by giving back to our communities. That´s what this program is all about."

At the event people also sang "Happy Birthday" to the first lady, who turns 47 today.

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i didn´t see much done for mlk jr. day this year this sends a good message
  by: averyz   01/19/2011 02:22 AM     
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