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                 04/16/2014 06:00 PM  
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01/10/2011 11:26 PM ID: 87364 Permalink   

Author Paulo Coelho´s Books Banned in Iran


Brazilian best-selling author Paulo Coelho wrote on his blog that his books have been banned in Iran. He also said that he turned to the Brazilian government to mediate.

"I strongly hope this misunderstanding will be solved during the week. And I strongly count on the Brazilian government to support me, my books, for the sake of all the values we cherish", he wrote.

His novel "The Alchemist", published in 1998, was a world bestseller. Coelho said he would put his books translated into the Persian language online for free.

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The Alchemist is an Excellent book and highly recommend any and everyone reading it. If you are depressed it could change you perspective on life, it is seriously a spiritually awakening book that could be enjoyed by all religions(as it carefully never defines the religion in the story). The Main objection I can think Iran would have with it is it is a better guide to life than the koran or bible (It doesn´t try and compete with them but it could).

His other books are also good but Alchemist is the best in my opinion. I think future people will regard Paulo Coelho like we regard Aesop (the author of classic fables like the tortoise and the hare)
  by: veya_victaous     01/10/2011 11:45 PM     
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Iran is in the dark ages.
  by: MannyisHere     01/11/2011 06:12 PM     
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