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                 04/25/2014 04:00 AM  
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11/03/2010 08:08 AM ID: 86147 Permalink   

The Witcher 2 Photo Contest: Be Part of the Game


Gamers and fans already wait for the 2011 release of The Witcher 2. The publisher CD Projekt offers now the Doppler Effect photo contest. The winners’ faces will be used as characters in the video game.

To join this contest, gamers have to submit a photo dressed up as a The Witcher 2 character. It is open to anyone who is 18 or older. The costume does not have to look exactly like those in the actual video game. What counts is creativity.

CD Projekt has also stated that this game offers 16 different endings, an improved combat system, and longer combos.

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  Never heard  
of this game before. Just looked it up in GT and it looks great for part one being released in 2007.

Migth buy and finish it before 2 comes out to be on to date. Although I´m a bit busy with Fallout NV atm.
  by: jhax   11/03/2010 03:06 PM     
It´s an awesome game. Awesome visuals, nice combat system, lots of good story, and lots of options. Plus, you can sleep with nearly every major female character =P Which is... nerdy and creepy.
  by: Dayron   11/10/2010 07:28 AM     
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