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                 04/16/2014 09:32 PM  
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10/22/2010 11:12 AM ID: 85954 Permalink   

Haiti: 138 Fatalities After Outbreak of Cholera


A severe outbreak of cholera killed 138 Haitians during the last 48 hours, the Health Ministry said. 1,526 other cases have been reported in the course of the outbreak.

All cases have been reported from the region north of Port-au-Prince. Cholera spreads very fast and is a serious disease. The Haitian government did not comment on the epidemic.

"This is an unprecedented episode of cholera, and the government needs a lot of support, and they need to be vigilant in how they respond," an official of the Pan American Health Organization said.

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  Republican Tom Coburn  
Has blocked nearly 1 billion in aid to rebuild Haiti´s essential services.

CLEAN WATER that would have protected these people from Cholera was denied by Coburn´s actions.

These deaths were unnecessary. May his god forgive him.
  by: ichi     10/25/2010 04:47 AM     
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